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Migrating from Thirft

This page describes some of the Configuration options that JanusGraph provides to allow migration of data from a data store which had previously been created by a JanusGraph Thrift backend to a JanusGraph CQL Backend.


The following backends are no longer supported: cassandrathrift, cassandra, astyanax, and embeddedcassandra

Configuration Replacements

Old configuration New CQL configuration
.backend=cassandrathrift .backend=cql
.backend=cassandra .backend=cql
.backend=astyanax .backend=cql
.backend=embeddedcassandra .backend=cql
.port=9160 .port=9042
.cassandra.atomic-batch-mutate .cql.atomic-batch-mutate
.cassandra.compaction-strategy-class .cql.compaction-strategy-class
.cassandra.compaction-strategy-options .cql.compaction-strategy-options
.cassandra.compression .cql.compression

Embedded Mode

JanusGraph does no longer support the embedded mode of Cassandra. Therefore, users have to deploy Cassandra as a external instance, see Cassandra.

The JanusGraph distribution already comes with a version of Cassandra included in the archive that is used by the script.